New partner in crime

I’m not generally a very impulsive person, and I wouldn’t say this was an impulse decision by any means, but it did all happen very quickly and well, now I have a dog. This (not so) little guy is Qkasper and he’s my new partner in crime. Q has a bit of a sad back […]

What a difference a year makes (II)

And what a year it has been. This post was intended to appear on January 1st, a full year after my last post, which seemed appropriate at first. But the more I think about it, the less my year matters in the grand scheme of things. Of course it matters greatly to me personally. A […]

What a difference a year makes

As the year comes to an end, we reflect and look forward. What changed? What did we learn? What can we take forward into the future? The truth is, I’ve already said my goodbyes to 2019 a while ago. I don’t feel like the same person who started the year and, even though it turned […]


The past few months I haven’t really been writing much. I could go and write up a list of excuses, but that doesn’t really help anyone, least of all myself. Mostly I’ve been trying to work on myself and -to put it in the words of the minimalists– align my short-term actions with my long-term […]


The battle is over. Even demonic ghosts cannot be fought and all that’s left of you, my demon, is a ghost. The how and when hardly matter, all I know is you have been vanquished allowing me to someday find peace. What’s left of you are scars and patchy memories which will fade with time. […]

Days like these

Some days you put on the corset, climb the mountain, take the castle, slay the giant and still have enough energy to Netflix and chill with the prince you just saved. Other days it takes just about every ounce of strength to get up in the morning, brush your teeth and go to work. Just […]

Swim, little duckling

Swim, little duckling, keep your head high and you will be alright. “Why?” You ask. Because your mother does, and your father, and their parents before them. You don’t understand it. It’s exhausting. It hurts. The water fights you, tries to pull you down. Splashing in your face and getting you soaking wet. You fall […]

Dare to Vegan – Part VI. Vegan Product Box

While going (mostly) vegan has been a great experience for me, I’ve noticed that I’m getting a little bit stuck in a rut. While there are plenty of recipes to try out, I’ve noticed that, snackwise, I keep coming back to the same products. So, when I came across The ultimate vegan box┬áin a facebook […]