Dare to eat

Dare to Vegan – Part III. Week 2

I am now two weeks into my vegan experiment and feeling pretty good. As far as I know I didn’t eat anything non-vegan this past week. I’m starting to get pretty tired of constantly checking labels, though, so this week I’ve been kind of lazy and mostly just bought vegetables for a salad or soup. That said, I did make a huge batch of killer vegan chili so I have a few quick meals in the freezer. Another freezer favorite of mine is this chickpea and potato curry. I’ve made it twice since discovering the recipe a month or so ago.

For a challenge, I tried to find a quick meal I could pick up from the supermarket on the way to class the way I usually do, which turned out to be near impossible. Every salad/sandwich I found had some sort of animal product in it. Every vegetarian option I found either included some form of cheese or dressing that included eggs or mayo which was rather disappointing. Ah well, such is life.  Other discoveries this week include the addition of lactic acid to some of my favorite olives and the addition of eggs or milk powder in just about everything else. Except for Oreos, funnily enough they are vegan.

Physically I’ve been feeling really well this week. I have a lot of energy and continue to loose weight at a steady pace. However, I don’t know whether that’s all on going vegan or whether it’s getting over the burnout. I’m going to assume it’s a combination of the two and leave it at that.

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