Dare to create, Dare to do

Broken glass. It’s just like glitter, isn’t it?

Glass has always been an incredibly fascinating medium to me. When I was little, we would go on vacation to a region of France where glassblowing was pretty big and we’d visit some of the artisanal workshops in the small mountain villages the Alsace is known for. I vividly remember being fascinated by the process that took this red hot glob of molten glass and turned it into the beautifully intricate and delicate pieces on display in the shopfront. Years later, when I went through a beaded jewelry making phase, I briefly got obsessed with something related, glass bead making. I never got to actually try for myself, but I remember watching hours and hours of videos and being fascinated by a very similar process but on a much smaller scale. I grew out of the jewelry phase though and forgot all about the glass beads, until the other day.

I came across an advertisement for a glass blowing workshop at Rombachs Glass (on facebook of all places) and was immediately intrigued, a quick browse of their facebook and instagram later, I booked myself a spot on the April 3rd workshop, wondering what kind of trouble my impulsive self had gotten myself into this time.

It turns out, I got myself into no trouble at all but ended up having a wonderful, almost meditative experience. There’s something about creating something out of nothing that brings me so much enjoyment and satisfaction I just can’t seem to get anywhere else. Additionally, most of this type of creative outlets are incredibly beneficial to my mental health as they allow me to focus entirely on the piece I’m working on and for just a little while, the rest of the world doesn’t exist. A final added bonus were the two beautiful little pieces of my own handmade art I got to pick up the next day after they were done annealing.

Working with the glass was quite different, not only because it is a very unique material that has it’s peculiarities, but also because you have to work together with the other people doing the workshop. I was in a group with 3 other women I had never seen before but the teamwork our little group displayed was so unexpectedly beautiful. Everyone just wanted to make sure that each of us was able to make the best pieces possible. It was a very welcome change from the work environment I’m used to!

This workshop was such a wonderful experience for me, I really cannot recommend it enough. Whether you’re all thumbs or a master crafter, Frederik will teach you everything you need to know to turn a couple globs of molten, recycled glass into two beautiful little gems to take home with you.

The workshop cost 45,- EUR and lasts about 2,5 hours. You can book a spot at www.rombachs.com
Every second Sunday of the month there are glassblowing demos. More information can be found on facebook.

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