You; Intelligent but insecure. In need of near constant affirmation.
Unconfident but wanting not to be. Heavy in all the right places.

Me; Also intelligent. Sure of who I am, I think.
Confident around others, not so much when we’re alone.
Too flimsy for your liking, too sturdy for my own.

You; So much more than you know.
Too frightened of what you want. Need. Love.
Too afraid to risk it all.

Me; Pretending not to know.
Ignoring your truth and mine equally.
Always acting with my head. Never heart.
Hurting you unwillingly.

You; Too clever not to know. Feel.
Too kind, you let it go.

Us; Comfortably uncomfortable.
Stuck between what was and what can be.
Perpetually self-paralyzed.
Until you handed me the key.

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