I’m not generally a very impulsive person, and I wouldn’t say this was an impulse decision by any means, but it did all happen very quickly and well, now I have a dog. This (not so) little guy is Qkasper and he’s my new partner in crime.

Qkasper all ready to go

Q has a bit of a sad back story. He was confiscated along with 50+ other German spitzes (also called keeshond) from a private owner somewhere in the center of Belgium. They were spread out over a couple shelters and a lot of volunteers and foster homes. Q specifically went to the Dierenasiel Ninove along with a handful of others once they were finally released for adoption.

Now I grew up with German spitzes and had been following their story from the start, debating whether or not to apply to adopt one of them. Seeing the state these poor dogs were in absolutely broke my heart, but I wasn’t planning on getting a dog just yet and not on getting a spitz at all. And yet, I wrote an email to the shelter explaining my situation and asking if maybe they had an older, calmer dog in need of a home. One week later my dad drove me to the shelter and a few hours later, my heart was stolen and we were on our way home.

We have such a long way to go together, he’s terrified of almost everything and struggles to be alone for more than a few hours but we’re working on it. We both have a little bit of weight to lose so, once he can make it to the park, we’ll be walking off the pounds. Until then we’re walking around the block slowly getting used to anything that isn’t a kennel.

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