Finding a new normal

It’s been a little over 4 months since I was diagnosed with a burnout and I’ve been recovering, slowly but steadily. Last month I was able to go back to work at 20% of my usual hours and we just upped that to 50% this week. It’s exhausting and taking a lot of me physically, […]

Dare to Vegan – Part IV. Week III

The first part of this week wasn’t all too different from the past two. I’m starting to fall into a routine, I know which products I can and can’t get when I’m at the supermarket, I’m still not craving meat though I would love some cheese. So far I haven’t been able to find a […]

Dare to Drive – Part VIII. Final lesson

My final driving lesson was on Monday and, as expected, I’m not road safe enough to get a permit without supervision. The instructor did say I made a lot of progress in the past few lessons, especially on the longer, calmer stretches of road I tend to do just fine. It’s still the busy town […]

Dare to Vegan – Part III. Week 2

I am now two weeks into my vegan experiment and feeling pretty good. As far as I know I didn’t eat anything non-vegan this past week. I’m starting to get pretty tired of constantly checking labels, though, so this week I’ve been kind of lazy and mostly just bought vegetables for a salad or soup. […]

Dare to Vegan – Part II. Week 1

It’s been almost a week since I decided to start eating vegan by way of an experiment and so far, it’s been fine. It hasn’t been too hard though I do miss the occasional bit of cheese but over-all it’s been a lot easier than I had expected. That doesn’t mean I haven’t made mistakes […]

Dare to Drive – Part VII. Small victories

Today’s lesson went much better than Saturday’s, even though I was a LOT more nervous beforehand. I was actually pretty close to an anxiety attack thinking about how bad it went last time. I tend to do this thing where I make things worse in my head than they actually are going to be. That […]


You; Intelligent but insecure. In need of near constant affirmation. Unconfident but wanting not to be. Heavy in all the right places. Intense Me; Also intelligent. Sure of who I am, I think. Confident around others, not so much when we’re alone. Too flimsy for your liking, too sturdy for my own. You; So much […]

Dare to Drive – Part V. Parking and paying attention

It had been a full 2 weeks between the previous lesson and this one but, to my surprise, I hadn’t forgotten everything. In fact I’m starting to get the hang of the mechanics of driving, the things you need to learn to do automatically so you can pay attention to everything else that is going […]