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What a difference a year makes (II)

And what a year it has been. This post was intended to appear on January 1st, a full year after my last post, which seemed appropriate at first. But the more I think about it, the less my year matters in the grand scheme of things.

Of course it matters greatly to me personally. A lot has happened despite (or sometimes because of) the pandemic that has had a profound impact on my life going forward. Than again, this is true for everyone, isn’t it?

With all the calls for prioritization of certain groups for the COVID-vaccine, calls for less strict measures for children, teens, college students, the work force, the elderly,… I’ve been trying to figure out where I stand and, if I were in charge, who I would and wouldn’t prioritize.

The conclusion is that, just like everyone else, as an individual I don’t matter more than any other individual, and even the groups I belong to (adult, work force, increased risk) don’t really matter that much right now. In 4-6 months I’m sure it’ll be a different story, but right now we just need to shut up and stay home.

It sucks, it really, really does. And get this, it sucks for everyone. Young old, healthcare worker, office job, student,.. It sucks for all of us. So let’s stop these suck Olympics, it’s not worse for a student stuck at home than it is for a mother of 2 trying to work from home while also home-schooling her kids, an elderly man stuck in a retirement home without visitors or someone like me, stuck home alone for 10 months now.

My past year doesn’t matter, our collective year does. So let’s focus on that. We’ve kept a lot of people from dying and if those few selfish individuals could just get with the program, maybe we can save a few more.

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