It actually started over a year ago with a gorgeous glass sticker from the magazine flow with a quote from Erin Hanson that I loved it so much that it has been on my mirror ever since where I see it every day.

What if I fall?

Oh but my darling, what if you fly?

Of course at the time it wasn’t more than a spark, something that got me thinking about falling willingly, giving into new experiences; something that gave me a lot of anxiety and was therefore banished to the back of my mind for the remainder of the day. Still, my days started and ended with that thought of flying.


The next reason, silly as it may seem, is an Epica song  called Beyond the Matrix. Epica is a special band to me with a lot of nostalgic attachment and while the previous few albums were a complete miss in my opinion, The Holographic Principle seems to have struck a chord once again.

Take a leap into the dark

Dare to dive and fall

The point of no return restrains us

I actually prefer the acoustic version (Beyond the Good, the Bad and the Ugly) but couldn’t find a link to it on their youtube page or their label’s page so you’ll have to look that one up for yourself.


Last but not least there’s tarot. Tarot is one of my passions and while I may not be a great tarot reader (yet), I am definitely a great tarot lover. In the Rider-Waite tradition (the one I prefer) the first card of the deck is the Fool which depicts a young boy and his dog merrily on their way, throwing caution to the wind and about to step off a ledge. Stupid, right?

Until you start to think about it and realize that, we don’t know what he knows. We cannot see below the edge of the card. There are theories about the major Arcana (the first 22 cards of a deck of tarot cards) that tell a story. A story that starts with the fool, taking his first step off the cliff and trusting in the fall.

Dare to fall is just that, my first step into becoming a different person, overcoming my anxiety and growing through new experiences.

I dared to fall. Let’s hope I fly.

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