Dare to do

Dare to Drive – Part II. To and fro, Stop and go…

My lesson today was pretty intense again -i think driving in general is intense when you start out- but I did feel like I was making some progress. I had a different instructor this time who was much calmer than the previous one which did wonders. We started with pretty much the same things as last time, driving around a bit in the general Northern Antwerp region, always stopping and starting again so I could get some much-needed practice. He had me drive on the highway for the first time as well which was actually kind of enjoyable and a lot less scary than I had imagined. By the time we got to the exit I was visibly more relaxed and slightly more confident.

I realized there are a lot of parallels between my driving and my life/personality in general. I have few issues with starting things, from where I’m sitting I can see at least 4 half-finished projects lying around for me to feel like finishing them. That’s not including dozens of stories I once started writing but never finished and several blogs I once created only to later realize they weren’t the right fit. Stopping is my problem. That and confidence. Let’s work on those.


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