Dare to do

Dare to Drive – Part III. One step forward, two steps back

Yesterday wasn’t the best day. It felt like I took a step or two backwards instead of forwards for the first time in a couple weeks. It started with me dropping the carton of spelt milk during breakfast and kind of didn’t stop until the internet cut out while I was talking to my friends on IRC. Driving occurred somewhere between the two.

I had another new instructor who, like the last one, was quite calm and taught me a few new things: driving in reverse, making a U-turn and starting on an incline. Those actually went pretty okay, it’s just a lot more information than I can process at the moment which apparently makes my brain forget other things. It’s both infuriating and discouraging that during the second half of the lesson when we went for a drive, I started making the same mistakes as in my first lesson. Things I was better at during the second lesson.

Of course, this isn’t really a surprise, I knew the burnout would slow down my learning process. I didn’t expect it to upset me this much, though. Right now the issue is that, if I get one thing wrong, my brain sort of seizes up for a moment and I can’t think clearly. I had the same thing when I dropped the milk at breakfast or couldn’t find the right words during my presentation in Portuguese class, even though I knew exactly what I wanted to say.

Yesterday was a step back, a reminder that I need to take my time, get enough rest and proceed with caution. I’ll get there in my own time. I just need to accept that my current time is a lot sower than my usual time.

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