Dare to do

Dare to Drive – Part VI. My brain needs an upgrade

I was supposed to have lessons 3 days in a row but something went wrong yesterday and there ended up not being a car available. This probably is a good thing as it means the last lesson won’t be next week but the week after. I say last but I already know I need more lessons because I seem to keep struggling to process everything at once. I’m fine on calmer parts of the road but we veered into the busy center of Antwerp today with roadworks going on everywhere, pedestrians and cyclists not paying attention to where they’re going and just a lot of things going on in general. Riding my bike in the city is pretty much a punishment already but driving was pretty much hell. I still haven’t hit anyone, that’s the good part, but I definitely did not enjoy today’s lesson.

The more I drive, the more discouraged and frustrated with myself I get. I just get so overwhelmed by everything going on that my mind sort of blanks out. Maybe I should just give up on driving stick shirt and switch to automatic. At least that would take the bulk of the manipulations out of the equation and allow my brain to relax a bit and focus on what’s most important. We’ll see, I have two more lessons lined up after which the instructor will evaluate me and we’ll take it from there. Miracles happen, right?

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