Dare to do

Dare to Drive – Part VII. Small victories

Today’s lesson went much better than Saturday’s, even though I was a LOT more nervous beforehand. I was actually pretty close to an anxiety attack thinking about how bad it went last time. I tend to do this thing where I make things worse in my head than they actually are going to be. That said, I am aware of this behavior and am now able to rationalize away the worst, but not all, of it.

So, I went to my lesson and as usual I arrived a bit early. I’m glad I did because it relaxed me. The atmosphere at the driving school was very loose and the instructor and back office worker involved me in a conversation about Antwerp’s current state of traffic -spoiler: it’s  hot mess- and the best route for them to get to work – spoiler: they’re all equally bad. In any case, it helped and I was feeling almost okay by the time we left.

At first it didn’t go too well, I was still too nervous and forgetting things but after a little while I settled in and I started improving. By the end of the lesson I was a lot more relaxed which translates to better and more confident driving. I’m still not great and definitely not ready to drive on my own, but I’m getting there. I hope. It’s progress in any case, and that’s what we’re after here.

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