Dare to eat

Dare to Vegan – Part II. Week 1

It’s been almost a week since I decided to start eating vegan by way of an experiment and so far, it’s been fine. It hasn’t been too hard though I do miss the occasional bit of cheese but over-all it’s been a lot easier than I had expected. That doesn’t mean I haven’t made mistakes though. On the second day I was making my oatmeal as usual and, without thinking about it, added a scoop of chai powder which turned out to have skim milk powder in it. I also had a couple of my favorite breath mints, not thinking of the possibility of there being anything animal in there. Turns out they’re made using gelatine. Oops! Neither is the end of the world though, I’ll just not have it anymore from now on.

My grocery runs have become a fair bit longer, though, as I’m still figuring out which products are and aren’t vegan. I spent a good half hour in an Asian supermarket the other day checking a lot of ingredients I’d never heard of. That said, I try to mostly just buy vegetables and cook something myself. That way I know I’m not eating anything I’m not supposed to but it also doesn’t take a lot of effort in the store. I have to admit I haven’t been out to eat yet, though I do have a short trip planned in a couple weeks and I’ve been looking up vegan places to eat. I did have some family over and cooked them quinoa-stuffed tomatoes with a quick salad an potatoes and they seemed to like the meal.

Physically I’m not feeling much of a difference so far, which makes sense. A week is just a very short period of time after all. I did lose some weight, though, which is cool. So far I’m liking this experiment. On to week 2!

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