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Dare to Vegan – Part VI. Vegan Product Box

While going (mostly) vegan has been a great experience for me, I’ve noticed that I’m getting a little bit stuck in a rut. While there are plenty of recipes to try out, I’ve noticed that, snackwise, I keep coming back to the same products.

So, when I came across The ultimate vegan box in a facebook ad, my curiosity was peaked. Unfortunately, there is very little information about these boxes as I believe it is a brand new company. Still, the price was decent and their Christmas action included free shipping, so I decided to go for it and order the box.

My box contained 9 products, all of which arrived intact. I was familiar with 3 of the brands but had never tried any of the products even though I had really wanted to. I was most excited about the mint chocolate cliff bar (I love mint chocolate goodies), the Complete Cookie (Snickerdoodle flavor)  and the vegan whipped cream. I’ve been dying to try out some vegan whipped cream but can’t find any of it in store, which brings me to the main downside.

Most of these products aren’t available in stores near me, which is a good marketing ploy for the vegan product box, but a sad case for me. Depending on the price I’d buy most of these products again, maybe not the flax milk but I’m not big on milks (animal or plant-based) in general.

I do like the idea of a vegan product box, though. I like not having to worry about checking labels and missing things. I’ve enjoyed every product I tried so far and I still have the pasta and granola to go.

All in all, I’d say you get a pretty good bang for your buck, at least in the specific box I received. I’m curious to find out how often the content changes because even if it might be difficult to purchase them locally, I love discovering new products.

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