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R.I.P Juanito – We’ve Got To Get Real

Have I mentioned how much I love art that makes me feel uncomfortable? That’s the main reason that I love going to those performances where the description still leaves me clueless as to what I should expect. That’s how I ended up at R.I.P Juanito’s “We’ve Got To Get Real.” It’s part of a series called “De Klepperkes” which offers young artistic talent a chance to showcase their work between May 18th and June 15th at the Arenberg at the Arenberg theater in Antwerp.

“We’ve Got To Get Real” is a piece about women, dance, emancipation, body language, distortion, decay and self-preservation. We’ve grown to associate dance with music and this piece challenged that beautifully, the ‘music’ was made up of the breathing and steps from the performers which made the piece feel incredibly intimate and a little bit uncomfortable. At times it almost felt like I wasn’t supposed to be watching, like I was intruding on something deeply private. I also found myself, like the rest of the audience, completely quiet, holding my breath at times or breathing to the rhythm of the performers at other times.

I thoroughly enjoyed this piece, it was different, uncomfortable and flawlessly executed. It completely drew me in from start to finish, which is a rare thing at the moment, and left me thinking it over for the rest of the night. This is exactly the kind of art I hope to see more of, it’s raw, real and captivating. I kinda loved it.

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